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It is the high time you take full control of your career as an author by learning savvy tips that can help you build your audience. In this guide, you will get the simple ways that you can use to sell your books more so now that there are so many players in this filed. Frankly speaking, most of the authors don’t like selling their books and even more surprising even those who do it full time, they tend to feel that it is hard. This should not be the case from now onwards.

One, you have to do thorough research for you to successfully market your children’s finished publication. Note that, children don’t widely use the social media like adults, meaning that you should come up with a way that will make the book sell itself. You should therefore tailor the content of the book to suit the taste and preference of children, meaning that it should be appealing to them. Upon defining your readership, you should then choose the right genre and focus on it.

Although you are writing for the children, you should also keep the parent in mind. This is because it is the parent who has the power to approve the purchase. You should therefore make the book to be appealing to the parents as well. With this in mind, you can look for the blogs written by the fathers and mothers making recommendations for their kid’s books. You should then provide an e-book version right away in exchange of the reviews. It is also a plus of you can write a guest article for their website and have a free mention of your book. The idea here is you have to come up with creative ways of finding as many platforms as possible to market your book. Be sure to read this blog to know more!

The cover art of your book also plays a prudent role in marketing your book. In fact, it can either make or break the whole sale deal of the publication. The cover art should therefore catch children attention and should be very well blended with the background. This should apply in both physical bookshelf as well as in e-Reader. Using vibrant and bright colors easily entices the kid to choose the book. Here are more related discussions about marketing, go to

You can also develop author marketing website that is child-friendly and ensure that it conform with the children and the internet.

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