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How to Market a Children's Book Online and Offline

Books can be classified in many ways. The main methods of organizing books are themes, country of origin, target audience, length of sentences, genre and many more. The main classifications of books according to target audience or age are adult books and children books. We shall focus on children’s books. The children books have strong characters and stories which teach some lessons. If you are a children books author, you are supposed to market your books well to sell more publications. Marketing books for children are challenging and require specialized knowledge and skills. Below are ways in which an author should market his/her children books both offline and online.

Promotional site will enable you to market your children’s book effectively. Promoting your book online will attract more downloads. To identify the best book promotional websites, you need to use a promotional finder tools such as Reedsy’s. There are some promotional sites which require an author to offer a book for free to be promoted. Some other promotional sites will need you to submit the children’s book about two weeks before promoting it.

Booking tours is another way of promoting a children’s book. You are supposed to take a children’s book closer to the readers and teachers by visiting schools, bookshops, children clubs, and librarians.

Social media marketing is a useful online children’s book promotion method. A lot of parents are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn hence posting and advertising your children’s book on this platform is effective. Be sure to learn how marketing here!

Book awards for children’s books will improve the recognition of your book. If your book wins an award, you will receive a cash prize and a better way of marketing your book. A children’s book author is supposed to include the information about the awards won on his/her books. During children’s book festivals, the winning seals will attract more children and parents to your stand.

Book reviews by influencers are useful in marketing children’s books. A celebrity or influencers have powers on the readers; hence positive reviews from influencers will promote your book. Some influencers will accept to review your book free of charge while others will request a fee.

Online posts and magazine articles are useful in marketing children’s books. An author is supposed to write articles about his/her children’s books on other people’s websites, magazines, and blogs. You should pick a magazine, blog or website which viewed or read by the target audience. Find out some more facts about marketing through

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